Friday, April 30, 2010


A parcel was waiting for me when I got home from work today! I was so excited to open it! And so was Ollie! The package is from a good quilty pal on Flickr - Georgia. And look at the yummy goodies Georgia sent me just because she happens to be one of the sweetest people ever...

The sweetest apple pin cushion ever made, a gorgeous fruity fat quarter, some woodland sticky notes and an adorable Heather Bailey pattern! Thank you so much Georgia!! LOVE them all!!! You really shouldn't have but thank you thank you thank you!

I also got another yummy bundle of goodies from another quilty pal from the Old Red Barn Co flickr group - Lynz as part of an Eastery swap a couple of weeks back...  Lynz is another of the worlds sweetest people :) Lynz pegged me good and sent me these yummy fabrics and Easter decorations

The Happy Easter banner is still proudly hanging in our kitchen Lynz! I am so reluctant to take it down! My MIL tried to *steal* it!!! She loved the eggs and felt friends too!! Thank you thank you thank you Lynz for such gorgeous goodies too! Sorry I haven't shared these with you sooner! Lynz there's another wee package on it's way to you tomorrow!!

Hope you are all having a good week! We are in quarantine at the moment because there has been an outbreak of measles at the boys daycare centre and as Gus is yet to be immunised they're not allowed to go!! So I am rocking it at home with my two boys!


  1. Wow what fabulous presents! Everything is just so beautiful. The tortoise pattern looks adoreable. I must check out what other patterns she has. Enjoy making things with your lovely gifts.

  2. YAY! I hope the pincushion wasn't totally squished by the time it arrived - it didn't fit in that box very well!

  3. Lucky you!! Some wonderful gifts you have there. Heather Bailey has put some lovely new patterns out recently.

  4. Oh, wonderful loot! I have that turtle pattern, too, Lara, isn't it adorable?

    You have such nice friends! I hope you don't all break out in spots. :)


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