Wednesday, July 13, 2011

To Plan, Or Not To Plan...

That is the question. Unfortunately for me, I am rather obsessed with being somewhat organised where I can be (you only need to check out my Tupperware collection to know that this issue runs rather deep). After my last post, it would appear that I am a little bit crazy planning Christmas gifts so far in advance... although I am not alone. Thankfully. (Hi Michelle!)

Anyway, I am OK with being a little crazy and what you are about to read will only affirm my craziness (or perhaps compulsion for being organised). Over the past few months I have been collecting these encyclopedias each week. They are released each weekend with The Herald (I don't buy The Herald though!).

When I picked up the first copy and realised that a total of 24 were being published, I knew exactly what to do with them... These books will be an advent calendar this Christmas. I plan to wrap each book in brown paper and number them 1 - 24. Every day the boys will be able to open one book together, and that night we will read about the mysteries and information it contains.

It's been quite fun collecting these books each week! And I am loving how they are stacking together. I think they'll look quite sweet on their book case.

In other news, I've begun my Single Girl mission. 3 quilts. 2 twin sized. 1 queen sized. All need to be completed for Christmas.

The 2 twin sized quilts will be for Oliver's bunk beds (which remain unbuilt in our garage!) out of Little Apples. I love this line. I plan to make pillow cases and a memo board too once the yardage is released.

The queen quilt is for my sister in law. She chose these prints last year for her quilt - very bright and cheerful. Much like her.

And... I've also managed to turn that pile of Strawberry Fields from this this. This quilt is destined for my MIL for Christmas. Although I think I might find this one hard to part with.

Still trying to decide if this should be a windmill? Or if I should just lay out the squares randomly. I've always loved this quilt. Any thoughts? Please share!


  1. Ooh, I'd say that you can't go wrong either way with the strawberry Fields. that's the trouble with HST's - they're so versatile that you end up with some tough decisions to make!

  2. My word, good luck with that lot!
    I like the quilt you linked to - simple and fresh.

  3. I just finished an HST top, too in a similar layout to the Fresh Cottons quilt. If you go that route, I would recommend grouping and piecing the HSTs in 2x2 blocks and then piecing those together. It seemed a lot less tedious than endless strings of HSTs to press and line up. Good luck! I'm so excited to see what you do with it!

  4. strawberry fields is such a pretty line of fabric!!!

  5. Great idea for those Disney books and they look great stacked altogether. I love the simple prettiness of that quilt you've linked to!

  6. Hi Lara
    What a fabulous idea with the books, I love how they make a picture once they are altogether!
    I think the HST will look great no matter which way you go, does your MIL know she's getting it for Christmas, perhaps you could ask her which she prefers...
    You definitely have lot's of lovely projects on the go there are going to be some seriously spoilt people for Christmas this year.
    Oh and my Farmers Wife book came and I have made a start on cutting two blocks out!


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