Sunday, July 3, 2011

The week in parcels...

Thankfully our airways seem to be returning to normal after many delays and cancellations thanks to volanic ash (all the way from Chile!)... as well as having a few work trips interrupted, my mail box had been very empty... until this week that is!

This delicious parcel arrived perfectly timed after my third 5am start (thanks Gus!) and getting up and down like a yo-yo throughout the night. It was such a delightful car trip into work as I opened and examined the beautiful goodies inside.

Georgia (the sweetest friend ever) sent me a just because present containing an awesome selection of delightful quilty goodness plus some lollies which were quickly consumed and couldn't be photographed. Among the goodness, including gorgeous patterns, needles and a sweet Kristen Doran print were these beauties...

A bundle of AMH's Little Folks in voile (so buttery and soft!)

The sweetest mug rug. Ever. In the world.

A Kona Cottons Solid Card - I had no idea how many colours there were! YUM!

Thank you so so much Georgia. You are an absolute gem. I love my parcel! Now to start collecting goodies to surprise you with. xx.

Next this parcel of Little Apples (jealous much?!) finally arrived (4 weeks after it was posted!)... This was part of a swap for the DS Australian/NZ prints only.

Yum! This will be a Single Girl quilt for Ollie (x2 - I've managed to also buy some extra layer cakes and a jelly roll at an online Moda Sample Spree too!) I think he will love the giant O's the pattern creates!

And lastly... my A Little Fabric A Little Chocolate swap from Lisa.

This was also filled with pure delicous quilty bits and some amazing handmade gifts from Lisa. Including 2 scarves for the boys which Oliver immediately began wearing! A pretty wee pincushion, gorgeous bookmark, aqua FQ's for a red and aqua quilt I plan to make (one day!) and the nicest fudge ever. Thank you so much Lisa! You're very talented! xx

And just when you thought that was the end of it... I also got a wee thank you gift from one of the sweet ladies I sent the DS Australian/NZ prints too - a charm pack of Little Apples but I didn't want to make you all too jealous. I am so grateful - thank you Amanda! These will definitely be put to good use in Ollie's quilts... and if I've enough... I may even make an extra for Gus :) But we all know I have way too many unfinished quilts for Gus at the moment as it is!

Thank you so much to all the ladies who posted these parcels to me! What a wonderful week of surprises... made even more special by one of my busiest weeks yet!

Right... I must be off to make a last minute gift for my nephew's 3rd birthday which we are celebrating today. In less than 2 hours. Eep. Why is that I always buy the materials well in advance but leave the actual making to the last minute?!


  1. Ooh, you *did* have a good mail week! I don't know how you manage to take a photo of a parcel before it's even unwrapped - i would have been ripping into it. ;-)
    I love that giant paperclip bookmark!
    Parcels have been slow coming in this direction too. My Loulouthi only arrived on Friday, and your photos reminded me that the Bliss I ordered hasb't turned up yet either. Hmmm.

  2. What a great week for parcels, all that quilty goodness.

  3. Ooo... lot's of yummy goodies there!
    Have a great week!


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