Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Desperately Seeking: Self Discipline

I had a very expensive quick stop at my LQS (the one that taunts me everyday because it's just down the road) last night. I'd told myself I'd be in and out to see if she had any Figgy Pudding left, I've been hoarding as much of that line as I can. While I was oggling the beautiful fabric I decided that this range would be perfect for my sister in law should she have a wee girl. The problem is we don't know what she is having, but I have my suspicions it is another boy. Despite that, I managed to spend $38 NZD on 15cm  on each of these prints. Yep - quilters are held to ransom here in NZ!!

I also invested in some more Figgy Pudding. Just a little - 1.5metres. I am slightly obsessed with this line. Above is my entire collection... Quite a few FQ's some yardage, a layer cake and a honey bun... I've got BIG plans for this Christmas!!

I also ordered some fabric online. But it isn't here yet, so it doesn't really count and it is for gifts. So it is budgeted for. That's how I am justifying this fabric binge... But I need to get back to dieting. Maybe I'll try a step by step approach. Perhaps trying to go cold turkey was just setting myself up to fail...

Have you had any quilty pleasures this week?! Please do share. I need to know I am not the only obsessive spender...


  1. You better start now on your Christmas sewing with all that lovely figgy yumminess you've got there. Dieting is a bad word!

  2. I try to have self-control but as soon as I get into a quilt shop, I lose it. I do better if I don't browse fabrics online, because it's too easy to order stuff.

    And if I could only stop wanting to make every cute quilt I see...... it's my weakness- I have quilt envy and Quilt-ADD at the same time! I could sew for 2 years just using what I have now, I think. So don't look to me for help, Lara, just sympathy!

  3. I tend to spend a lot more online rather than stores. I have to keep down to a particular amount per month or I will spend too much. I bought some fabric in red and white and some fabric in an aqua and red this month.

    I love buying fabric for gifts since I get the scraps! ;)

  4. I hoard the Moda Wonderland line. I just bought two honey buns because they were on clearance. So now I have the two honey buns, a layer cake, a jelly roll and 1 yd. I think I need to pick up some more yardage before it disappears completely.

  5. thank you for sharing your lovely blog. :)


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