Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I know, I know...

3 posts in one day! The madness! I am taking advantage of the peace n quiet which is rare in our house to get some posts done! I hope I am not boring you all senseless!

I have never tried dieting before. I should've known that temptation would at times be too great. I went to Spotlight yesterday with the intent to only buy some much needed white fabric for a few various projects I have on the go. I did manage to buy 2.7 metres of white fabric - but I also stumbled across these Michael Miller prints and had to have them! I bought Merryville a while ago to make playmats out of as well as a wee FQ of the Fly by Night (black planes print) to make crayon rolls and always wished I'd ordered the range online when it was released. So when I found them at Spotlight for $22 a metre, I couldn't pass the opportunity!

Aren't they cool?! So perfect for the little men in my life. I bought half a metre of each. Ollie was with me at the store - he was very excited about the planes!

Unfortunately Spotlight didn't have an exact match to the white fabric I have been using as the background for the Starflower blocks... so I had to make a short trip to my LQS where I bought the fabric originally. Although expensive ($19 a metre) it really is lovely fabric and I wanted Aphra's quilt to be beautiful... While I was there I allowed myself to check out the scrap pile and found these goodies

All the prints were 80cents a square and the FQ of Figgy Pudding was $5. I am trying to build up my stash of Figgy Pudding to make some more Christmas gifts this year. It's expensive here though - $30 a metre! I thought the prints would make a nice addition to my scraps - I am still trying to decide if I will make a quilt like this one with my scraps or postage stamp quilt.

So, I must get back to being disciplined and on my diet. We've booked and paid for our venue. We are getting married here. It's beautiful. Go check it out. We're getting married on the 6th November!! There's not too much to plan as we're forgoing a lot of traditions but I am really looking forward to marrying my best friend.

Happy Sewing!! What have you been up to this week? Please share!!

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