Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Taking stock...

It's hard to believe that we are already in 2010! Like many, I am not a resolution keeping kind of girl.  I am forgetful. I do however, like to use the beginning of a new year to get sorted. To take stock if you will.

So, I sorted through my clothes pulling out the clothes I forgot I had to donate, as well as sorting out all the little baby clothes into two piles - definitely for boys and unisex. My cousin is having her first baby and won't know the sex for a few weeks but I thought I would get sorted now while I still have the energy. There were some items I decided I still couldn't part with. Those special little outfits no one else will ever love their babies in as much as I did. I've decided to keep those so that when my boys are towering over me, I can hold those little outfits and remember how little and dependant they were. Call me sentimental.

 I sorted Ollie's bigger clothing... Phil's aunty just gave us a bundle (I love hand me downs!). I've piled them into sizes and taken stock of how many items we have and what we need to buy. The benefits of having two boys is that you get your money's worth out of clothing.

I also decided to do a stock take on my stash of fabric inspired by Judy at Patchwork Times. Unlike most quilters my stash is very small. I try to be economical (perhaps frugal) when I purchase fabric and calculate to the nearest 1/4 yard. I try to only order as much as I will need. And then I try to use it all up. My fabric breakdown:
  • 7 charm packs
  • 1 jelly roll
  • 2 layer cakes
  • 14 FQ's
  • 25 yards of fabric
  • A bundle of scraps 
  • Purchased this week: 0 
  • Used this week: 1 charm pack
You can see some other quilter's stash statistics here. What does your stash look like? And how do you store it?
My entire stash fits into two drawers of this little sewing cabinet my DP's Nana gave me...

I hope everyone had a very happy start to 2010. If you share in the stash busting please let me know, I'd love to follow along... and if you also post about how you store your stash I'd love to see it too!

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  1. Oh, you are so very organized, Lara! Good for you! I wish I was that tidy.

    I will join you in trying to bust some stash! I just blogged about my mess. I did use 2 charm packs and half of a solid Kona bit to make a whirlygiggle top. It came out good, I need, unfortunately though, to get something appropriate for the backing and binding. I want to wait until I've made my other top because I may be able to piece together layer cake and jelly roll bits to do it. See? I'm bustin' already, at least in my head!


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