Friday, May 7, 2010

Banned: From Etsy and Fabric Sites

I have no self control. I am hereby banning myself from Etsy (except to order our wedding invitations).

My DP gave me the go ahead to buy some fabric for my birthday and Mother's Day. He gave me a very generous limit. I was so excited. It was want I desperately wanted. After hours of searching mindlessly online, I came across a bundle of Mendocino. I wasn't quilting when this line came out but I sure wish I was! It is so sweet and pretty. I bought it immediately. With a few extra FQ's of Monalulu (?) for odd projects - they looked as though they'd fit well in my stash.

But unfortunately, my desire to have more overpowered my brain and before I even realised I added some more to my cart tonight! Oooh.... so naughty!!!!!! This will be the first quilt I make that will be for me! I am planning on making a decent sized quilt for the end of our bed. Not sure what pattern to use yet - open to suggestions... I am considering a hexagon quilt as I've bought the rulers but am yet to make something with them!

Anyway, so there you have it. I am banned from buying more fabric (except for Colorful Christmas by Riley Blake - I wish that would hurry up!)... And I am considering selling my bundle of Nicey Jane fat quarters? Any takers?
Happy Sewing!


  1. Might be interested in Nicey Jane fabrics??

  2. think of how much cash you will save from etsy restraint. Now you can make your own things and post tutorials! And there's always that freezer paper printing idea, you can make your own fabric designs.


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