Monday, May 24, 2010

Blushing - some more Mendocino

Oh Mendocino how I love thee... Mendocino in blush - my latest arrival bought from Kerri's shop on Etsy.

And here is my little Mendocino line up - I love those swimming mermaids. A lot! Now to settle on a pattern design... If you have a moment take a look here, here, here and here and tell me what you think!

Ohhh and here, here, here, here and here!

Thanking you in advance! Happy Sewing!


  1. Personally the Dolce Jelly Filled! Great ideas but some of your links didn't work for me :(

  2. Yes some of the links don't work. But I love love love the quilt from Film in the Fridge, in fact I want to make one of those myself. I wonder if we could convince her to share the pattern!!

  3. i am in love with the last pattern

    i did a mendocino quilt this year and just did strips. it is one of my favorites!

  4. I like this one:

    Wait! I love Leslie's!!! It bothers me when the mermaids are cut up too much. I don't like the "parts" floating around.

    This is going to be so fun to work on. I can't wait to see more!

  5. I like the postcards, the mermaid quilt, and the mixed tape 2.


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