Sunday, May 16, 2010

Monkey. N.Round

Started well over a year ago... I am completely lost for inspiration with this bunch! I've changed my mind soo many times on what pattern to use... I am now either considering a snowball quilt or a sawtooth star quilt. Please feel free to offer up you 2 cents :)


  1. Ooh, I think either one wuld look great. I've had that star pattern printed out and stuck in my folder of 'must-do's' for ages.
    I'm going to say snowball because it would be quicker to do, and getting something finished, especially something that's been hanging about for ages, is always a good feeling. :-)

  2. Oh, what cute material!!! I'm not much of a quilter, so I don't have any advice in that regard, but what are you going to do with this quilt once it's done? Would you consider selling it?? LOVE the material!!!

  3. snowball with these would look great

  4. They both would look good, but with that lovely material it would even look great to just sew the squares together in an oldfashioned square patch blanket. If you are fed up with it, that'd be the quickest and still have great results. The fabric lends itself well to that.


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