Thursday, May 13, 2010

The start of a new collection (read obsession)...

The problem with Flickr and blog land is that I get to see what a lot of really clever people make. And their fabric stash. Georgia
always makes beautiful quilts, often using gorgeous reproduction prints. I popped by my LQS (which I try to avoid because it makes me covet) this evening on my way to buy some lemonade for the DP who has "a bug in his tummy" (Dr Ollie's assessment). We were walking past and I thought it would be rude not to pop in - the lady who owns the store is lovely :) and patient.

In the window display she had some lovely reproduction prints. This one took my fancy. I was firstly drawn to the colour because I've chosen orange for my bridesmaid. And the print was very cute too. It also comes in a nice yellow and blue. Plus she had a bunch of other coordinates. Pity that! So I left with only 1 FQ. The start of my reproduction collection which I will use to make a nine patch. Hope ya don't mind Georgia?!

But before I can begin, I really need to sort out my craft space. This is the state of my dining room table. This is what happens when the table becomes a dumping/nesting ground for everything. It's probably why my crafty mojo is on strike. Or it could be that it's been a very long week with the DP being away 3 nights and who is sick :( Fortunately Gus slept through the night (first time in 3 weeks) again last night! BLISS! Now to get Ollie to do the same...

Hope you're all having a happy week with plenty of sewing to be had :) I am hoping that my birthday fabric stash will arrive tomorrow!!! Please Mr Postman! Please! Check back to see my new additions :)


  1. Too funny! Very flatering too - thankyou for the compliments. :-) Of course I don't mind if you make a 30's 9 patch! Mine is finally finally finished, thank goodness. I'll try to take a photo of it tomorrow.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your new additions. :-) Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight! Very chilly here - the electric blanket is on and waiting for me!

  2. Argh! That should be "flattering". I can't type. I could blame my cold fingers, but I can't type no matter what the weather.
    Love the little look at your bridesmaid fabric there too. Very nice!

  3. this fabric is so pretty...i succumbed and joined a monthly vintage FQ club. they come once a month and every time is like a surprise. reproductions are my favorite...i am swallowed up in them but i would have it no other way.

  4. I am laughing because Georgia has been taunting us for months with that 9 patch and it has been just long enough to start thinking... hmmm reproduction prints... I've always liked those... maybe I *need* some for my stash...

    Anywho... now I'm following so I can see yours!! : )


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