Thursday, October 22, 2009

You always know...

there is trouble brewing when the house goes quiet... A month ago the house went very quiet except for an annoying beeping - which I thought at the time was the smoke alarm battery. And this is where I found Oliver. In the fridge. Self sufficient already!

Today when the house went quiet, I knew he was up to no good again... but this time he was robbing me in daylight! Aptly named Oliver, my son is turning into a little pocket picker! He proudly showed me his collection today. His money box is getting to be quite heavy. He tells me he wants to buy a drill. Umm?! Ok then!

Anyway! This is another work in progress I have almost completed. Just need to decide on a binding and get it done!

It is for my sister-in-law for Christmas! I sure hope she likes it!

Have a good day all!


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  1. uh-oh, a drill? i love your wonderland quilt. it is beautiful.


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