Saturday, October 31, 2009

Overcoming Laziness

This week I had to dig deep to overcome laziness. What I really wanted was to find a sheet or duvet cover which perfectly matched the colours in the boys Bot Camp quilts so that I could avoid piecing the backs... Unfortunately (or fortunately) despite going to a number of different stores, I didn't manage to find anything that would work. Don't ya just hate it when that happens?

So... I pulled myself together and decided to set myself the challenge of using every single bit of fabric. My first pieced backing is below. I am rather happy with it... it means the quilts will be reversible. Although I don't quite know how long the white will stay crisp like that...

Here's a closer shot of the centre piece...

I am in the middle of piecing the second and have decided to make matching pillow cases and possibly a cushion or two if there is enough fabric left over. I don't have enough sprockets to border the second, so I'll be using the blue check.

The wonderful Amy over at Park City Girl is thinking about setting up a recipe swap... I think this is a fabulous idea! Coming up with meal ideas is my least favourite part of the day! Pop on over and leave her a comment if you think it would be a good idea too!!!

By the way - does anyone know how to add a button to your blog? I wanted this to be my Sew n Tell Friday but I don't know how to add the button? Thanks in advance!



  1. Hi Lara, Nice work with the quilt backs! To add a button you go to Amylouwho's blog and right click on the HTML box below the button then 'Select All", Ctrl C, then on your blog go to Edit Layout, Add Gadget, Add HTML/java script then Ctrl V to add the HTML to the content. This adds the button to your side bar. I hope this is what you mean and I've explained it OK. I just completed a 200km cycle event today and my brain isn't quite functioning on full power. You can email me if you don't understand.

  2. Well done. The back of the quilt looks great. In fact, it looks good enough to be the front. I like all the white space.
    Happy Halloween!


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