Sunday, November 1, 2009


This post is bought to you by the number seven... Seven months ago today my little man Gus made an early arrival becoming our very own little April fool. Seven days later we took him home from the Neo Natal unit...

Seven is the number of projects I need to finish before Christmas. And seven is also the number of new projects I am fighting the urge not start!

It's also the number of hours sleep I got in a row last night! Yay! And before you think my sleepless nights are because of my little Gus... they're not! He's the perfect one! Ollie is my disasterous sleeper. 25 months later and I am still waiting for a night when he sleeps 7pm - 7am too...

Aahh well. What can I say?! Perhaps I'll have to wait until he's seven... come seventeen there'll be no doubting I'll be posting about struggling to get him outta bed! Not keep him in it!


  1. what a sweetie! I know all too well how the projects can stack up. At least you got an early start, I haven't even begun to think about xmas craft projects yet.

  2. Good golly, you make pretty babies! I shouldn't be surprised though, as pretty as you are!

    I'm actually in the process of starting one new little project (cover for my heating pad) and finishing a UFO, a little patchwork blankie for the not-so-little-anymore kitten. I SHOULD be making purses, but I don't wanna!

    I'm liking your blog a lot, Lara! Keep it up, it's fun for all of us!


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