Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wanted: Motivation

This is my first full week of being back at work full time. Settling into our new groove sure is taking it's toll and I am afraid to report that no meaningful sewing has been done! Just getting dinner done and staying on top of the washing has been my main daily focus :)

But... I am hoping that things will start to jell a bit more over the next couple of days and that tomorrow night will bring a productive night at the sewing machine!

So standby! Good things to come I promise! I need to get on with completing these Christmas presents!

Hope everyone else is having a good week! If you want to - leave me a little comment telling me what you've been up to this week, and what you do to keep yourself motivated when the going gets a little tough! I'd love to know!


  1. Sometimes it feels like too much work to get out the sewing machine and set up the ironing board. I usually have projects in different stages and when I feel unmotivated, I pull out something fairly simple and mindless like trimming blocks or sewing binding or uncomplicated cutting. I watch TV or a DVD on my computer while I'm doing it. So stuff gets done, and I feel virtuous. And sometimes I don't do anything at all, and have a glass of wine and read a murder mystery!

  2. Working and 2 little kids? I am amazed that you have the energy to even WANT to do anything else, Lara! lol

    Hmmm. Money is a great motivator for me, if I have special orders. I just think about the new fabric I can buy once I've sold off the things that need making. (Not terribly inspiring, huh?) I'm a pretty lazy girl anymore, I just want to work on what I want to work on, not any drudge jobs. So good luck to you, I hope you get your mojo going and figure out a way to get it all done.

    Oh, and looking at sites like Modify Tradition will certainly give you a kick in the tush!

  3. Oh, and wine and a good mystery or bodice-ripper = always works for me, too! Yay, Lesly!


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