Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday Madness

After reading Amy from Park City Girl and Lesly from Pickle Dish's Mondays - I'd thought I'd let you in on the madness that is my daily routine.

It's always interesting reading how others spend their days. 24 hours doesn't seem long enough at the moment. I wish I could find an extra few hours in the day... This is how my Monday went:

5.52am - Wake up to the sound of Gus grizzling. Roll over, hope he goes back to sleep...

6.00am - Realise that Gus is not going back to sleep. Get up and go see my morning darling. He's always very pleased to see you in the morning.

6.10am - Plonk on the couch with Gus and his bottle and check my emails/blog updates/Flickr and the news. A lot can happen while you are sleeping! Enjoy my first coffee for the day

6.30am - Change Gus and dress him for the day. Make sure the boys bag is packed for daycare and Oliver has sufficient changes of clothing. On average day he'll go through about 4 t shirts, 3 pairs of pants and 2 jerseys. He loves water play.
Get breakfast for Ollie ready. Make another coffee. Put dinner in the slow cooker.

At this point of the day I was feeling really successful! I was feeling completely in control! It all went downhill pretty quickly after that...

7.50am - two children - check; two laptops - check; homemade lunch - check; bags - check; wallet - nope... made dash back inside. Back in the car - antibiotics for Ollie - oops - back in the house while DP backs out the driveway...

7.55am - Set off for work...

8.03am - "Daddy - got no shoes on" - Little voice from Ollie in the backseat. Sure enough we forgot his shoes. Duoh. I figure there will be a spare pair at daycare... Until I realise that in all the madness I didn't turn the slow cooker on. Idiot. Turn around. Return home.

9.30am - Boys at daycare. Logged in at work... Reviewed and actioned important emails - check calendar/schedule meetings as necessary and work, Work, WORK.

4.45pm - Collect two happy tired babies from daycare. Return home to a cooked dinner! Yummy! Feed the family. Bath the boys. Tidy the kitchen. Fold the washing. Put another load on...

7.05pm - try to get the boys to bed. Gus goes down like a dream. DP goes to read stories to Ollie. My time to have a wee bit of R n R... Review blogs/Flickr/emails.

7.16pm - Oliver arrives in lounge looking rather pleased. "Where's Dad?" I ask... "Daddy sleeping in Ollie's bed" little voice replies. LOL.

7.55pm - After returning Ollie to bed a few times (9) finally can commence sewing :)

11.02pm - put the folded washing away... pack boys bag for daycare. Get out ingredients for dinner tomorrow...

11.10pm - Flop exhausted into bed.

Another day another dollar. Hope to be a bit more organised tomorrow!


  1. it sounds like an usual everyday day for a mum :-) who cares for shoes, the main things are the "two HAPPY tired babies" :-)

  2. What a busy day! I admire all you mums with young children for your energy and organizational skills. They won't stay wee ones forever - while every age brings its joys (even the teenage years), there's nothing like those early years. Thanks for sharing your day!

  3. What a day! I hope today has been a good one :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. HI Lara !!!

    Wow, your day sounds exhuasting !!! I don't know where you get all the energy from. Can't wait for the Beatnik Bee to start. Maybe we can meet in Welly one day. I come over every couple of weeks to see my big boy.

    Oh, love the wonderland quilt. I love that range of prints.



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