Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Do you hear that?

It's silence. And it's not even 7pm! Both the boys were exhausted today after daycare and have gone down early! It always makes me nervous that they are coming down with something... I hope not. I am off to Auckland tomorrow for work for three days! I am excited and nervous at the same time. It's my first time away from Gus.

I took all my goodies off to the long arm quilter today after my Warm & White batting arrived from the States from here. It was very efficient service.  I had a mammoth Monday finishing up all my Christmas gifts last night and sorting out what backing/binding fabric etc so that I could bundle them all up and drop them off this afternoon. I was worried I'd missed the cut off. Luckily Sue of Sue B's Quilting Service is very lovely and accommodating :)

I must confess to being very lazy as I am having the Simple Abundance table topper, the Figgy Pudding table runners (x2) and lap quilt all quilted proffesionally as well as the boys Bot Camp quilts. I figured it would help reduce the stress load. And the table runners will cost about $15 each to quilt and I can live with that! It also means that the Christmas themed gifts will have appropriate Christmassy quilting. All I can do is straight line stitching. And it's not really that straight.

Oliver has been invited to his wee 'girlfriend's' second birthday party. I think I might make her one of these crayon rolls or maybe a wee apron like this one but I saw one on Deb's blog and I am interested to hear how she does it...  Hmmm! I think it'll have to come down to what fabric I have on hand.

Shari sent me these gorgeous girly FQ's as part of the fabric swap! Over and beyond the details of the swap! Perhaps I'll use these for a crayon roll for Luci!


  1. **** edit **** the silence lasted until 7.19pm. It was nice while it lasted :)

  2. lol - 19 minutes of peace! Glad you used that time to share with us!

  3. Wow, 19 whole minutes..... When the kids are a little older, be sure you have a clock that has exposed hands. My parents used to adjust the time (at bedtime-ish) up so they could have a little peace themselves. We busted 'em once, though, so you have to be really sneaky about it, Lara!

    Have a great trip and how nice that Sue is accomodating you with your batting fiasco! Hope you got that refund OK!


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