Sunday, November 15, 2009

What would you do?

I asked my DP this question last night - he was rather unhelpful... so I am putting the question to you?

1" of red, then 2.5" white bound in red? Or...

2.5" of white bound in red?

This is just a wee lap quilt made of Figgy Pudding charms for my dear MIL to go with a disappearing 9 patch table runner of the same fabric for Christmas.

Opinions and other suggestions welcomed :)

Thanking you in advance,



  1. definitely the red being the wider border

  2. I think I like the first senario. 1" red then white then the red binding would really set it all off. Hope this helps?

  3. I like the first choice with the red next to the blocks and then also for the binding. I love you fabric.

  4. I like the first option as well. Good luck!

  5. Thanks Girls! Just the encouragement I need :) I am still never sure if my ideas are good ones so thank you for helping me out!! x

  6. I like the red next to the blocks. Not sure what direction I would go after that. Maybe small strips of the main blocks then a red binding.


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